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Featured Coffee

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Stop in to Crosscut Coffee to try our ever changing featured coffees, all artfully roasted in nearby Stouffville.

Sumatra – Tunas Indah is versatile for espresso and filter coffee. This coffee has been cultivated, hand picked and dried using the traditional wet hulled method then hand sorted three times reaching the highest quality standard for Indonesia coffee – grade 1. Tunas Indah coffee farmers co-operative has over 3600 members, 700 of which are women. Fair trade and organically grown for over 10 years, and originates from small farm holders. In Sumatra, 90% of income comes from coffee farming. 4.5 million farmers reside in the Aceh province, and 90% of these farmers are organic. As you can imagine, the importance of coffee to this region of the world cannot be overstated.

Tasting notes: baking spices, big sweet and savory earth tones, long pleasantly lingering aftertaste

Use: espresso, drip Roast: medium Grind: medium-fine

Location: Aceh Tengah province, northern Indonesia

Altitude: 1000-1500 masl  Process: wet hulled  Drying: Patio sun-dried Harvest: September arrival