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Crosscut Coffee

Bean Rewards Program

Staff OnBoarding

This page will walk you through different elements of the program. The videos below are meant to help you understand how to use the Bean Reward Program, how to fix possible issues and how to interact with the customer.  If something is not covered that you would like covered here, please reach out to me –

For quick reference, remember $1 = 2 Bean Rewards.

How To Use The In-Store Scan Code

To Gain NEW Members For Your Program

The video below will walk you through how to enroll people in-store with the qr code on the table tents and on the in-store display (which also has a url customers can enter to join the program).  This video also addresses what if the customer doesn’t have Facebook Messenger.

The Messenger Flow In Action

This is a quick walk through on how it will go on your customers phone when they initially opt-in and redeem.  This also goes through the welcome & explainer messages for the Bean Rewards program, along with the Review messages, and Crosscut Coffee’s Messenger Menu.

* NOTE please have the customer handle their own phone when redeeming, simply ask them to click the buttons and enter the amount needed.

How to Redeem an Offer

The 1st offer you’ll probably come across is our opt-in offer, a Free Hot Drink.  This video talks about how to redeem that offer, and other offers, as the process is the same for any offer we put out via the Bean Rewards Program.

How to Add Bean Rewards Points

This video goes over an easy but crucial part of the program.  How to add loyalty points to a customers account when they make a purchase.  It’s pretty straight forward, but this will guide you through it.

What to do when Errors Happen

Every once you in a while you’ll get an offer that won’t redeem properly. Here’s what to do.

Bean Rewards Program & Ritual Program

To remove some confusion, I discuss how the 2 digital programs we offer differ, and what happens if a customer wants to combine them.

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